In Memory of Harry ~ 5/20/1998 – 1/15/2014


Harry dreaming


This is a picture of him the very first day I got him in the summer of 98



He was a silly little puppy that loved everyone!


We always went everywhere together and he Loved the walks on the beach out here.

Here is a little movie from 2010 of Harry and I on the beach

He managed to survive longer and still enjoyed life the last few years even though he had liver and pancreas problems, and developed diabetes.. and also the last year went blind and then deaf.  But he still enjoyed his walks with me guiding him on the leash and loved eating.


I guess his liver finally gave out.. he couldn’t eat or digest his food anymore so i had to take him to my vet so he wouldn’t suffer..We found he also had developed a large tumor in his intestinal track. He seemed to know it was time.  They always say pets tell you in their own way. It was a very sad day, but he passed peacefully, almost as if he knew and sighed a sigh of relief as he went to sleep in my arms, i felt him relax and drift off.

The last few months it seemed he was always trying to head towards the light & now he has found his way there and is free from his old body.. and i still feel him with me in spirit.

I will never forget what a wonderful dog he was..

And this is the very last day.. as i held him in my arms as he fell asleep & passed on to doggy heaven.

Rest in Peace my dear old doggy~*~