Its snowing Harry, lets go out and play!” My Sara says to me.  Snow in winter is yucky I think.  I prefer the spring, and summer, and even fall much better.

So we go out and play in this silly snow.  She seems to think its fun, and it is kind of at first.  But then it begins to stick in my fur, and as it snows more, and more, the snow sticks all over me, even between my paw pads, I hate that the most!  My Sara looks at me and laughs, “You look like a snow dog!” 

Well I guess I am now, the snow has balled up in my fur all over me.  I don’t like snow anymore, its cold.  My doggie buddies don’t have this problem! Their fur is straight and thick, and the snow doesn’t stick.  I’m a Cocker-Poo, and in my curly fine hair every thing gets stuck!  I’m like a walking cotton ball!

       “We better go inside now,” My Sara says to me, and I totally agree.  And I know she has to use the Blow Drier on me to un-stick the snow that’s stuck all over all of me.  "Come lets play Mr. Blow Drier!" she calls to me, I don't consider it play but at least it gets this horrible snow off me.  Oh well, such a loud and nosey thing, but at least I get a cookie for my troubles. 

I can’t wait for spring….


Here's a little Video of Harry in the snow suit i had to get him to keep the snow off.

I have more video's of Harry at YouTube

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